Vedrussiya + Vozrozhdenie 2019

14 – 18 September // Vedrussiya

Vedrussiya autumn festival

4 nights accommodation at family estate close to festival

translation and guide service with your Russian hosts, airport transfer by arrangement

3 vegetarian healthy meals per day

Russian banya (sauna)

4 nights all inclusive at Vedrussiya

buy before 1 August – 235 euro
after 1 August – 270 euro

PLUS overnight tour with guide to dolmens at Pshada

1 night visit to Dolmens – small extra cost


Vozrozhdenie festival

21 – 29 September 2019

self-catered camping at the festival

entry by donation (500 ruble recommended minimum)

bards, traditional dances, music, poetry, theatre, workshops

food available at a choice of several cafes

daily market with fresh produce, cedar nut oil, artisan wares and traditional craft

explore the waterfall, the spring and the many dolmens at your leisure

8 nights self-catered, entry by donation

Vedrussiya + Vozrozhdenie 2019

Vedrussiya is one of the largest family homestead settlements in Russia, created according to the image of Anastasia and the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series, by Vladimir Megre. Each year, residents and guests celebrate festivals in June and September.

After the September festivals, there is a pilgrimage walk from Vedrussiya settlement to the dolmens of Zhane and Pshada. In these special hills, you will find both the forest school of Academician Shchetinin (Vol. 3, Ch. 17), and the dolmen of Anastasia’s foremother (Vol. 2, Ch. 25).

Visits to stay and experience life in a Russian family homestead can also be arranged year round – please ask! We invite you to experience the magic and beauty of the Caucasus, cradle of Indo-European civilization!

September is late summer in Vedrussiya. The days are hot and the grass is golden and long. This is the time of great activity, gardens are fruiting and the fresh produce of nature is giving its salubrious gifts. Wild plums, blackberries and mulberries grace the settlement with sweet and juicy flavours, while the residents’ gardens are full of their harvest.

Vozrozhdenie festival is held each year at the end of September and beginning of October. It is a free public event at the magical dolmens of Zhane, one of the biggest spiritual and nature festivals in Russia, attracting over a thousand people including bards, organisers, friends and supporters of the Ringing Cedars movement. Translation and guide service to the festival can be arranged at an extra cost.

The Dolmens of Zhane contain the souls of Vedruss sages, with whom some visitors are able to communicate.
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The spectacular waterfalls of Zhane can only be accessed on foot, through a magnificent oak forest with dolmens scattered throughout.
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Dolmens of Zhane, the site of Vozrozhdenie festival. 
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Vedrussiya + Vozrozhdenie 2019

Travel info

Vedrussiya is located near the town of Ilskiy, Krasnodar Krai, Russian Federation.

Airports: Krasnodar, Novorossisk, Anapa, Gelendzhik 
Bus station: Ilskiy (Ильский)

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Australian citizens can apply for a 30-day tourist visa in Sydney or Canberra. Russian consulate Sydney requirements are listed on this web page. Document checklist to take or mail to the Consulate:Visa application formPassport photoPassportTourist confirmation letter, a.k.a “Visa invitation” (42 euros, about AU$67)Visa fee payment (AU$120)Self-addressed envelope (if applying by post)

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Approximate budget: 14 September – 29 Sep

Lower estimate represents a comfortable, energetic and “shoestring” experience of eating from fresh markets, camping, foraging, catching the bus, walking, and volunteering, with enough spending money for some good souvenirs. (e.g. woven head band, bottle of fresh pressed cedar oil, hand-made chocolate, honey).

Higher estimate represents a more comfortable accommodation and restaurant experience, personal driver and some very special natural gifts of world-class quality (e.g. Vedic shirt of antique hand-woven Ukrainian cannabis fabric made to order, 6-pack of hand-pressed cedar oils (varying options, up to 40% resin)

travelling from Australia (AU$)travelling from United States (US$)
Flight1000 – 1500400 – 800
Visa expenses250250
Food / accommodation500 – 1500350 – 1200
Gifts / snacks50 – 30040 – 300
TOTALAU$2000 – 3950
Vozrozhdenie festival attracts hundreds of supporters of the Ringing Cedars movement from all over Russia. 
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